1960-1978 Late works

In the 1960s Nurenberg several times reposed at the Baltic see and in the Moscow region, where he passionately painted the nature. There appeared a new series «Trees and People», where water motives frequently appeared as well. Influenced by C. Costandi, Nurenberg made a few pictures with lilac. He even got acquainted to the famous horticulturist Kolesnikov, who specialized in lilac and who selected flowers for him.

Works of the late period showed that, regardless of old age, Nurenberg did not loose interest in nature and people. His palette was as colorful as ever, and his works exuded high spirits. He continued to seek new means of expression, to copy old masters and to experiment, which is evidenced by an almost abstract image «Quartet» (1967).

About 25 works of this period are in the Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.