Selected exhibitions

1908 Odessa Exhibition of the Association of South-Russian Artists (ТЮРХ ) (Catalogue pdf 3 MB)
1913 Jelisavetgrad First Jelisavetgrad Art Exhibition
1916 Odessa Exhibition of the Society of the Independent
1918 Odessa Exhibition of the Association of Independent Artists (Catalogue pdf 3 MB)
1919 Odessa First People's Exhibition (Catalogue pdf 2 MB)
1920 Odessa Exhibition in Memory of T.Shevchenko (Catalogue pdf 1 MB)
1922 Moscow Exhibition of the New Society of Painting (НОЖ) (Catalogue with the society manifesto written by A.Nurenberg pdf 5 MB)
1924 Moscow Joint exhibition of drawings and water-colours with Robert Falk and Alexander Shevchenko in the State Tsvetkov Art Gallery (Catalogue pdf 2 MB)
1927 Paris Salon d'automne
1929 Moscow Exhibition «ROSTA Satiric Windows» in the State Tretjakov Gallery (Catalogue pdf 9 MB)
1932 Venice Bienale (Excerpt from the catalogue about USSR artists pdf 1 MB)
1939 Moscow Industry of Socialism (Excerpt from the catalogue about Hall 9 with Nurenberg pdf 4 MB)
1945 Moscow Personal exhibition in the Central House of Writers (ZDL) (Catalogue pdf 8 MB)
1961 Moscow Personal exhibition in the Moscow Department of the Union of Artiststs of the RSFSR (МОСХ РСФСР) (Catalogue pdf 4 MB)
1963 Odessa Personal exhibition in the Odessa Art Museum
1979 Moscow Posthumous personal exhibition at the Moscow Department of the Organisation of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR (МОСХ)
1988 Moscow Exhibition of the Nukus Art Museum in the State Museum of the East Nations Art (Catalogue pdf 11 MB)
2004 Moscow Exhibition of Brothers Amshey Nurenberg and David Devinov-Nurenberg in the gallery «Kovcheg» (Prospect pdf 1 MB)
2006 Ramat-Gan Exhibition «Odessa Parisians» in the Zetlin Museum of Russian Art
2009 Odessa Personal exhibition of graphical works in the World Odessit Club
2009 Kirovograd Personal exhibition in the Regional Art Museum
2010 Kiev Exhibition of works of the Association of Independent Artists from the collection of Jacob Peremen in the Museum of Arts named after Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko