1924–1940 Crimea and Caucasus

Under the Soviet national policy, artists were sent to regions and republics, having been encouraged to create works based on local material. Nurenberg was in the Middle Asia, Ukraine, Crimea, and North Caucasus, having returned from these trips with new works.

Already in 1924, Nurenberg made a series of Crimea works. One of them — «Crimea landscape» — he took to Paris and exhibited at the «Salon d’automne» in 1927. Three Crimea drawings of 1924 are in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

In the 1930s Nurenberg several times visited the North Caucasus. He was interested in severe nature and war-looking mountaineers. There appeared exotic landscapes and portraits of traditionally dressed men in cloaks and fur hats and armed with daggers. Several still-lives have been painted with poultry and other hunting trophies. Some of these works are in the Savitsky Museum in Nukus (Uzbekistan).