1941–1945 War: Anti-Fascist Series

Nurenberg’s works of the period of the Second World War fall into three streams. First, he felt himself a chronicler of historic events and created a number of civic works. Secondly, having been evacuated to Tashkent, he depicted life of refugees as a reporter. Thirdly, he continued his Asian series of the 1920s.

When the war broke out, Nurenberg was in Odessa. He immediately began to capture observations in his traveling notebook. The main themes were the refugees, railway stations, and waiting for news from the front. While many of the drawings were executed sketchy, often on the run, they immediately acquired a generalized character.

Civic anti-war works of Nurenberg interwoven with the theme of the holocaust. The «Anti-Fascist Series» was the nucleus of his personal exhibition in Moscow's Central House of Writers (ZDL) in 1945. Works from this series are at the Tretyakov Gallery and the Central Museum of Armed Forces (former Museum of the Red Army).