1920–1921 ROSTA Windows, Mayakovsky

In 1920–1921 Nurenbeg was one of the principal collaborators («principals») of the group «ROSTA Windows» under the direction of Vladimir Mayakovsky. During this time he made about 60 agitation and satirical «windows» of 4–9 posters each, which were exposed in the windows of the Russian Telegraph Agency (ROSTA). At the same time he made a number of portraits of Mayakovsky which founded the series «Mayakovsky in the ROSTA».

The Nurenberg’s involvement in caricature dated back to his stay in Paris in 1911–1913. He was interested in minimalism of means and in precision of contours. Just this was most demanded in the ROSTA, where posters were rapidly produced with the simplest technology.

Posters from the ROSTA Windows are in the Lenin Library and Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow, and their catalog is compiled under the project «Art of Russian Poster of the 20th century» of the Ruhr University of Bochum (http://www.russianposter.ru/). Drawings of Nurenberg from the series «Mayakovsky in the ROSTA» are in the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow.