1920–1930 Judaica

The series «Judaica» goes back to Nurenberg studies at the non-classical secondary school. In the life course Nurenberg repeatedly came back to the Jewisch motives. During the Second World War this theme was closely interwoven with that of holocaust, having resulted in the anti-fascist series.

The images of mestechko with genre scenes and portraits, made by Nurenberg in the 1920s, gave him the reputation of «Moscow Rembrandt». Besides graphics, thе series included a number of paint portraits, one of which —«Victim of Jewish pogrom» officially exhibited as «War-disabled» — was shown at the «Salon d’automne» in Paris in 1927.

About ten works of the series are in Tretyakov Gallery and Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. A significant collection is also in the Savitsky Museum in Nukus (Uzbekistan)