1941–1943 Asia: Tashkent

Having evacuated to Tashkent, Nuremberg began to work in the Union of Uzbek artists. He continued his Asian series of the early1920s. Life in the East did not change much. The war is noticeable only in genre works, which depicted the market and the queues for bread. Local feasts continued to be celebrated, one of which was captured in a bright picture «Holiday» dated 1942.

Nurenberg’s Asian works of this period are in the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, and Savitsky Museum of Nukus (Uzbekistan). An elegant ink drawing «From Tashkent sketches» of 1942 graced the covers of the Nurenberg’s book « Reminiscences, acquaintances, thoughts about arts, Moscow, 1969 (see the cover in the section «Publications»).